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Robert Dawsey

Robert Dawsey is a graduate of Clemson University's Forestry program. He has been interested in forestry his entire life. His education in the professional maintenance, pruning and removal of trees is extensive. He has worked in his field during his university days and beyond. Clients can trust his knowledge and experience.

Clayton Carder

Clayton Carder is also a graduate of Clemson University. He and Robert Dawsey started in Forestry together and represented Clemson in Conclave, a yearly Forestry competition amongst American universities. Clayton later graduated with a degree in Corporate Finance, and now he also runs the business side of Palmetto Professional Tree Service. He is the point of contact for quotes for the company.


Reviews for Palmetto Professional Tree Service


Vicki Wilkerson Gibbins

 "The word "professional" is the best word to describe this business. They are EXTREMELY knowledgeable about taking down trees, pruning, and removing debris, and they did it at a lower cost than the guy I used to use. After an ice storm a few years ago, one of my trees was devastated.  These guys came out and pruned the tree, and now, no one can even tell how badly it was damaged. " 

Ashley Rose

"Just had my tree trimmed by this amazing tree service. They did everything I asked for, I couldn't be more pleased with there work and professionalism. Thank you so much. I recommend them to anymore in need of a fantastic tree service!"

Ann Marie Graham

"Thank y’all for making my tree storm ready. I will pass your name and number throughout my neighborhood and beyond."

Trey Daniels

"I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. They are prompt and professional. Their prices are also quite competitive."

Stephanie Davis Campbell

"Does the most amazing  work.  Cleanest job site ever left. Removed a 80+ year tree less than 12 feet from house without any trouble, neighbors  were watching and had him do 3 additional houses on street."

Charles A. Frisco

"Best lumberjack in the SC. Quick work and makes it really easy to work with."

More Reviews


Chuck Hohn

"I was there when they took down (my friend's) tree. Large tree overhanging the house . Very deliberate planed and careful tree removal. Every thing that I saw take place was driven by the thought to protect the home and yard. The only thing I saw hit the roof were a few leaf clusters and saw dust. He is a good climber and takes the time to do the job right and safe."

Danielle White

"The crew is very knowledgeable and gets the job done quick and right!"

Sherry Fowler Martin

"These guys are very professional and fast! Cut a big tree down in our yard after lightening struck it. My husband was amazed at how he worked!"

Pat D. McPherson

"This man can hang upside down dangling 80 ft in the air and drop a limb right where you ask him to!  Amazing professional!"

Heather Jean McClary

"Wonderful Job! I would highly recommend them."

William Shew

"These guys do an amazing job and I highly recommend them for any work needed!"