We provide a wide range of tree services at extremely competitive prices. We offer free estimates for large projects, commercial projects and very small jobs. Even if you're not sure what needs to be done, we would be happy to evaluate your project and give you options to keep your home or business safe, while maintaining or removing problem trees.

Tree Removal

We specialize in tree removal. Trees die or become damaged in storms. Removing them safely can be tricky; however, our professionals can remove any size tree safely and efficiently, leaving your property looking like it had never had an issue.

Shaping and Pruning

Sometimes tree growth can be asymmetrical, and trees need a little...assistance. Our professionals will assess the requirements of the tree in question and will effectively cut limbs to balance the tree. In addition, some trees simple grow too large for a particular landscape. We can help maintain the original beauty of your landscape project.

Stump Removal

We have equipment to remove stumps, making an area appear as if a tree never existed.

Debris Removal

Storms happen. In South Carolina, we've experienced hurricanes, ice storms, floods, snow and wind events. Allow our team of professionals to return your property to its former glory...or make it even better by removing old, damaged trees.


  • We are licensed and insured.
  • Robert Dawsey is a South Carolina Registered Forester.
  • We take on projects all over the state of South Carolina.
  • Our staff is well-trained and highly experienced..
  • We own the professional equipment to handle any size project.
  • Our company is affiliated with The Better Business Bureau, Home Advisor and LinkedIn.
  • We have a long list of very satisfied clients and would be pleased to offer you a list of referrals.
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